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Looking Into

I am truly looking. I don’t know what I am looking for, perhaps I am in awe, everything around me looks beautiful. I am seeking and as I do I am taking pictures. Every shape, color and size excite me. Perhaps that is what children feel too. I went out after the rain and took the following shots outside in my garden and in my house.

These are of course just pictures for you, but look at them through my eyes please, isn’t beautiful?


Looking at Life from a different Lens

I shot this with my iPhone 7 plus. Look at the clarity, and the blur. I am beginning to re-look at life and this image sums up how we see life whether in blur or real, a combination of both mostly. That is what makes it beautiful. I am like this traveller, seeing everything again from his level and lens, looking for places to go. I have placed my vision into motion, the rest is definitely bound to happen.

Life is to live. How can I be stagnant when the world is waiting for me to explore? How can I rest when there is plenty to exhaust me? How can I stay when my heart longs for journey within. I want to connect to everyone and everything that comes my way, I want to seize life to make love to it. I want to pursue life.