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LivingMiles started in my head 12 years ago. I was 34 years old then, devastated with my life and what had happened to it. Then I took over, rehauled it and magic happened. I dedicated 10 years in building myself up emotionally and financially. Having my children help further my focus on my goals and now I am embarking on the fruits of that magic. It is all about traveling with my kids and spending our days in full experiences of life. I reduced my responsibilities at work to stop leading people and start leading my life in direction I want it to go. I noticed that we get so caught up with the ‘right’ way of doing things that we tend to neglect the ‘best’ way to live for ourselves.

I always felt I did not realize my full potential up to that moment and it is not about making money or marrying the right guy or wanting what everyone wants. It is about coming to terms with who I am, what I want to do, and how I want to live. It is not about the size of the house or my wallet, it is about the size of my life and how much miles I get out from it. That is why I call it the livingmiles. Join me in my journey as I move forward with things I want to see, feel and embrace.